The Next Generation of Folding Phones

A recent leak shows Samsung’s next folding phone to fold vertically.

Similar to the ‘clam-shell’ type fold that the Motorola Razr features, Samsung is implementing a vertically folding display.

Samsung's New Folding Phone
Samsung’s New Folding Phone

The Leaks

Leaked images of Samsung's New Folding Phone
Leaked images of Samsung’s New Folding Phone


This leaked image may actually be a prototype that Samsung is testing. At such an early stage it is quite difficult to say but, Samsung is a long way away from achieving a completely functioning folding phone without the problems that the first Samsung Fold had faced.

Motorola Razr
Motorola Razr | Image Credits: Motorola

Comparing this device to the Motorola Razr, this Samsung leak shows to have very little bezels and a small chin. Furthermore, we can also see Samsung ditching the notch in favour of the hole punch. This is a good choice not only to increase the screen-to-body ratio but to also achieve a cleaner aesthetic.

Some things are still a mystery. For example, the price. The Motorola Razr costs an eye-watering $1500, could this new Samsung device be under $1000? If Samsung achieves a folding phone for under $1000, we could see a huge increase with the number of people buying them, this achievement could revolutionise the smartphone industry.

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