28 October 2020

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Coronavirus: Putting the World on Pause

Coronavirus is now the face of a new pandemic, as countries declare a state of emergency and lockdowns.

Coronavirus Hits Harder as China’s Death Toll Increases

The death toll has increased to 106 and the number of infections doubling to 4,500 as China tightens measures with a lockdown.

Global Warming Reveals Corpses On Mount Everest

Due to the effect of global warming, melting glaciers are uncovering human remains on Mount Everest.

Drowning in Plastic

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year. Our plastic pollution has turned into a major problem. Plastics are a fantastic material. They are seen as very beneficial due to their properties. Due to their lightweight, durable and long-lasting nature, plastics have contributed to a multitude of innovations. Plastics are […]

The Truth About Global Warming

Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures and unusual weather patterns are all symptoms of global warming. As you may have noticed, summers are unbearably warm, and winters are much warmer. Here in London, we haven’t had any proper snowfall for almost 8 years. This is very abnormal, snow is becoming a rare occurrence, despite the fact […]