26 October 2020

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Coronavirus: Putting the World on Pause

Coronavirus is now the face of a new pandemic, as countries declare a state of emergency and lockdowns.

Coronavirus is now the face of a new pandemic, as countries declare a state of emergency and lockdowns.

Countries are grinding to an abrupt halt as Coronavirus (Covid-19) is exponentially spreading. This virus affects all but is extremely dangerous and even fatal to those who are at high risk. High-risk people consists of those who are over 70, pregnant and/or have a weakened immune system.

Currently, there is no tested drug to combat this virus, however, there is intensive research going into this is to create a drug. The only way to prevent this virus is by washing hands regularly with soap.

Due to the absence of a drug and the rapid spread, countries are forced to lockdown. This is causing businesses and schools to shut, bringing financial stress and canceling important school exams.

With Covid-19 affecting 172 out of 195 countries, here’s how each area is reacting:

United States of America

With almost 20,000 confirmed cases, 263 confirmed deaths, and 60 serious cases, many bans have been imposed to prevent any further spread of the virus. 26 people have recovered.

One in five Americans ordered to stay at home as President Donald Trump orders a state of national emergency. New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, California have ordered residents to stay at home. New York State has ordered non-essential businesses to close. The restrictions order most workplaces to close and require residents to remain inside except for trips to grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations.


With almost 127,000 confirmed cases, 6300 confirmed deaths, 6000 serious cases, this is the current epicenter of Covid-19, overtaking the figures of China, where the virus originated from. There have been around 9000 recoveries.

With countries such as Italy and Spain taking a major blow from Covid-19, European countries have ordered a complete lockdown, forcing people to isolate even if they don’t have any symptoms.

Students are in an uncertain situation as schools have been shut and major exams such as GCSEs and A-Levels completely canceled. Apart from the UK, all borders have been shut. Many argue if Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is taking the right actions to combat this serious pandemic.


With around 81,000 confirmed cases, 3200 deaths, and around 72,000 recoveries and 3500 serious cases, China has taken the biggest hit, with the virus originating from here in a city called Wuhan.

China has made an outstanding recovery with a recovery of almost 90%. Due to the prompt actions from the government and citizens, the virus has been contained well.

It is surprising how the citizens coped with forced isolation so well.


With around 1000 cases, 15 deaths, 14 recoveries and no serious cases, Canada is doing well containing the virus.

Canada has closed their borders, only allowing some travel, their airport screening strengthened. People arriving into Canada are forced to self isolate for 14 days.


With around 1000 cases, 7 deaths, 52 recoveries and 5 serious cases, Australia has the highest recovery records.

Australia has imposed a complete travel ban, and are forcing a 14 day self isolation for the people who are arriving into the country, with a fine if not followed.


This is a serious outbreak, although not fatal for some people, Covid-19 spreads rapidly and will affect those who are at high risk.

The best advice for everyone is to stay at home, leaving for important reasons only. Regularly wash your hands and keep a safe distance when socialising and avoid physical contact with people.

For those who are experiencing symptom, related or unrelated to Coronavirus, isolate yourself for 7 days (a week). For those who have been around someone with symptoms, isolate yourself for 14 days (two weeks).

Even if you’re not at high risk, Coronavirus will still affect you, and you will be affecting others by spreading it. Please take things seriously and help keep others safe.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.”

Sir Winston Churchill

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