27 October 2020

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Coronavirus Hits Harder as China’s Death Toll Increases

The death toll has increased to 106 and the number of infections doubling to 4,500 as China tightens measures with a lockdown.

The death toll has increased to 106 and the number of infections doubling to 4,500 as China tightens measures with a lockdown.

Where did the coronavirus originate from?

This virus outbreak originated from Wuhan, China. Originally found in animals, this virus had mutated and spread to humans due to direct contact with the infected animals in a market.

What are the symptoms?

This virus causes fever, dry coughs and difficulties in breathing. It may also cause body aches, weakness and diarrhoea.

More severe symptoms include pneumonia, kidney failure and according to the World Health Organisation, even death.

Should you get tested?

Screenings are happening at airports around the world for passengers who travelled from China.

Symptoms may be less severe, with only cold or flu. But at the moment, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that screening should only take place for people who have recently travelled to Wuhan, China or who have had close and prolonged contact with an infected person.

Is there a treatment for coronavirus?

No, there isn’t any virus-specific drug or treatment and neither is there an approved vaccine for coronavirus.

Where has it spread to?

There are currently three cases in the U.S. the first case consists of a man returning to Washington state after experiencing symptoms when he was in China. The second case when a woman in Chicago was confirmed, third when a patient in California was confirmed.

How serious is this?

According to China’s Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, this virus is highly infectious.

The risks of this virus abroad is quite low, as international spreads are quite rare at the moment.

How is spreading contained?

Government officials have temporarily shut down transportations to and from Wuhan. At least 12 other Chinese cities have limited travel as well.

Airports around the world have implemented screening procedures for all passengers arriving from the affected areas.

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