28 October 2020

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NASA’s New Plan to the Moon

NASA has revealed that 2 astronauts will be sent to stay on the Moon for two weeks.

NASA has revealed that 2 astronauts will be sent to stay on the Moon for two weeks.

With the Artemis program, NASA plans to land 2 astronauts by 2024. By using “innovative” technologies NASA plans to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. NASA states that they will be collaborating with their commercial and international partners and establish sustainable exploration by 2028.

Why does NASA want to go to the Moon again?

“We’re Going Forward to the Moon to Stay.”

One of the main differences between NASA’s Apollo 11 mission and their new Artemis mission is that they want to stay on the moon.

With their new VIPER lunar rover, which NASA is going to send to the south pole of the moon, they are going to further explore the Moon by sampling the water ice in preparation for when the 2 astronauts land at the same spot.

From what NASA has been stating, it is clear that they are planning to go to Mars. By first conquering the Moon, they are preparing to later conquer Mars.

NASA is insisting that they will use this mission to give them a greater knowledge of space exploration, which they will be putting to use when developing the technology for the subsequent mission which will take them to Mars.

“On the moon, we can take reasonable risks while the astronauts are just three days away from home.”

How are they getting to the Moon?

The Orion Spacecraft

The Orion Spacecraft Testing | Image Credit: NASA/Tony Gray and Kevin O’Connell

NASA is building a spacecraft to take astronauts to deep space. The spacecraft will carry up to four crew members and is designed to support astronauts travelling hundreds of thousands of miles from home, where getting back to Earth takes hours rather than days.

The Space Launch System

An illustration of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) in the Block 1 configuration | Image Credit: NASA

NASA’s Space Launch System, SLS, is a very powerful and advanced rocket. The SLS will launch astronauts aboard the agency’s Orion spacecraft on missions to explore deep space.

The Gateway

NASA and its partners are developing a small spaceship in orbit, like the ISS, around the Moon for astronauts. This spaceship is called the Gateway and is located about 250,000 miles from Earth. The Gateway will enable access to the entire surface of the Moon.


It is great to see large space organisations taking an active interest to explore our universe. Not only is the universe extremely vast and expanding, but scientists also haven’t yet understood it completely as there are a lot of darks spots in terms of knowledge about the universe we live in.

By exploring the universe and other planets apart from Earth, we are building our knowledge and understanding of space, besides this, we could also expand Earth by developing an extraterrestrial planet to house many of the increasing population of lives currently on Earth.

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