28 October 2020

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The End Of An Era: Farewell A380

Earlier this week, Airbus had announced to pull the plug in the production of the biggest passenger aircraft.

Emirates A380: Landing in the sunset

The Airbus A380 was more than just an aircraft. It was, and still is, the biggest passenger plane ever! But with immense size came immense costs.

The Main Drawbacks: Costs

Costing over $465 million and operating costs estimated at between $26,000 and $29,000 per hour, it wasn’t the cheapest or the most efficient aircraft to fly.

This was the very reason why Airbus has taken this decision. With big airlines such as Quantas and Emirates cancelling and reducing their A380 orders, Airbus had no choice.

AirFrance A380: Arriving at LAX north complex.
AirFrance A380: Arriving at LAX north complex.

“It was a painful decision”

“We’ve invested a lot of effort, a lot of resources and a lot of sweat into this aircraft.”

CEO of Airbus, Tom Enders stated during a conference with analysts

This decision could affect almost 3500 jobs. With factories and offices spanning all across Europe, there could be noticeable effects in the economy.

Competition: Making The Next Biggest Aircraft

With airlines now looking for smaller, cheaper and more efficient, the next biggest aircraft may not be the biggest in size.

This may give companies such as Boeing to develop the next best aircraft, the 797.

Lufthansa A380: Taxiing
Lufthansa A380: Taxiing

The end of the A380 not only marks history, but also allows the advancement into the future. Allowing more revolutionary engineering designs and technological growth.

Who knows, the next biggest aircraft might be carbon neutral and will be able to travel at over twice the speed of sound. But we have to move on from the past to focus on the future.

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