28 October 2020

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Android vs iOS : The Ultimate Battle

Nowadays, almost all smartphones either run on an iOS or Android operating system. But what is the best OS?

Apple and Google have been competing with each other for many years, both with one aim; to win the likes of mass consumers. In this article, we will discuss various factors and we’ll compare the two operating systems.

Ease Of Use

This is an important factor. If an operating system is more easy to use, it will attract a wider audience, ranging from younger people all the way to elderly people.

A common misconception is that Android is much more difficult to use than iOS. In reality, Android just has a lot more features to offer than iOS.

The huge ocean of features that Android boasts may be a bit overwhelming to some who aren’t that tech-savvy. This is why I feel iOS excels here, iOS is mostly themed in a consistent fashion between all Apple devices. This means, if you can use one Apple device, then you could most likely use the other products.

However, this isn’t the same with Android. The visual appearance of Android differs between different phones that run on Android. This is a bit of a problem as there are so many devices out there that run on Android. Companies such as Samsung offer an ‘Easy Mode’, which makes the icons larger and a less cluttered interface. In my opinion, it is best to stick with companies that offer a more stock Android experience, such as Google phones and even OnePlus phones.

But we can collectively agree that iOS is straight to the point in terms of slick looks and a less cluttered interface.

So the winner here is iOS.


Apple devices are expensive. But this isn’t too different with the better and higher-end Android devices. If you are looking for a very powerful device, then the Samsung Note 9 is the best. Samsung and Apple’s pricing are almost similar, but the only difference is the price to performance ratio. Samsung and almost all the other Android phone brands sell very powerful phones but for a slightly less price than Apple’s phone.

Furthermore, as there is a huge range of Android phones, there is a huge range of prices too. You can find your perfect phone without needing to shell out too much by just looking for Android phones.

As a result, Android is the winner here.


iOS is a more secure OS compared to Android. This is due to the nature of Apple. As we all know, Apple is a company that loves to make money, as a result, unlike Android, which is an open-source OS, Apple keeps all the code to themselves. Not only will this prevent other companies to develop iOS to run on their phones, but it will also prevent hackers from finding a security vulnerability from the source code.

As Android is open-source, we can see that a lot of companies have saved a lot of time and money by just altering the source code of Android to make it run on their devices. This does allow more Android-based phones, but as the source code is available on public domain, hackers can go through all the code and find holes. This is why there are more viruses on Android than iOS.

Although Google is quite swift to release patches and updates, it doesn’t yet match with the security of iOS.

So iOS is the winner here.


There are almost 3 million apps available to download on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, there are only about 2.2 million apps on Apple’s App Store.

Although this may not affect a lot of people, having more apps available does make it easier to customise your phone in a way so that it’s easier to use.

But, quality beats quantity. Apple has more strict guidelines, this means only the apps that are high on quality can be uploaded to the App Store. The Play Store, however, doesn’t have guidelines that are as strict as Apple’s. This means that more apps can be sent to the Play Store no matter how bad the app is.

So again, iOS is the winner here.


Android is the most open OS. iOS, however, isn’t. This means Apple prevent you from downloading launchers, themes, live backgrounds, etc.

The Google Play Store is filled with all types of customisation apps. You can find almost anything there. This is Android’s main strength when competing with Apple’s iOS. The fact that you can change everything including the entire user interface using a downloaded theme is amazing.

Almost everything on Android can be changed. Apple, on the other hand, don’t allow this for some reason.

So the winner here goes to Android.

Storage and Back-up

Apple devices are known to fill up quickly. And Apple’s iCloud backup service does not help at all, as it only gives you a measly 5GB

Android is the best here. Google Photos give you free unlimited photo storage!

This really helps as photos are one of the primary reasons why storage gets filled up on a phone.

So the winner here is Android.


Both iOS and Android are great operating systems. They both offer a lot of helpful and amazing features and they’re both extremely popular. But choosing the best one really differs on the type of person you are.

If you like a phone with a more cleaner, clutter-free and simplistic interface, you’ll go for iOS.

But if you like a phone with more power, features, customisation and expandability, then you’ll go for Android.

So to sum up, it really is your own preference. It’s almost like the two Operating Systems are targeting a different market. Some people like Android and the others prefer iOS.

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