27 October 2020

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The Truth About Global Warming

Rising sea levels, increasing temperatures and unusual weather patterns are all symptoms of global warming.

As you may have noticed, summers are unbearably warm, and winters are much warmer. Here in London, we haven’t had any proper snowfall for almost 8 years. This is very abnormal, snow is becoming a rare occurrence, despite the fact that London is situated in the northern hemisphere.

So what’s happening to the weather?

Global Warming is the answer.

Greenhouse Gases consists of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.

Greenhouse gases insulate the Earth. As the sun releases a substantial amount of infrared radiation (heat), some of this radiation enters the Earth, causing our planet to heat up. But as some of the infrared radiation reflects from the Earth’s surface back into space, this means that the Earth doesn’t overheat. The build-up of greenhouse gases blocks the reflected radiation from leaving the Earth.

Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii: Measurements of Carbon Dioxide in The Atmosphere.
Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii: Measurements of Carbon Dioxide in The Atmosphere.

The Mauna Loa Observatory, located in Hawaii, has been constantly monitoring the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases. With this graph, we can clearly tell that these levels are increasing. As a result of this, the Earth will noticeably increase in temperature.

How do we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are actually hurting the Earth. But as we saw, Ozone was actually a greenhouse gas too. Ozone is actually quite beneficial for the Earth, read more about it here. So we can conclude that a small amount of these gases will maintain an equilibrium within the planet. But right now, we are producing so much of these gases that we are pushing the Earth to its limits.

A car produces about 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s a lot of CO2, In fact, we’re just talking about one car!

A good solution to this problem is to buy an electric car. But not only is this expensive, an electric car still does have a big carbon footprint. Just think to yourself, how much carbon dioxide is released from generating electricity? Think about all the coal power-plants.

In conclusion, we need to destroy all the roots our polluting mindsets. We need to switch to more renewable energy sources, such as nuclear, solar, wind and hydro power-plants. This will be expensive, but, look on the bright side…

Composition of Greenhouse Gases
Composition of Greenhouse Gases

Power-stations are the biggest carbon dioxide emitters, and carbon dioxide make up 72% of the greenhouse gases according to the graph above.

“I believe in clean air. Immaculate air. But I don’t believe in climate change.”

– Donald Trump

To finally conclude, don’t believe Donald Trump, he’s usually always incorrect.

But on a serious note, try to always keep the environment in mind, switch to a more renewable source of energy on a smaller scale, install solar panels on your roof, for example. Global warming is a big issue, and it is caused by the rapid increase in greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. We need to unite in order to fix this issue, to save our home, the Earth.

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